Age 3-6
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Join Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toys as they escape Sunnyside Daycare. Then, record a video of Spanish Buzz’s dance moves or create your own video game with Woody! Curriculum: Reading, Colors, Patterns, Insect Recognition, Letter Identification, Beginning Letters, Spelling, Rhyming, Creativity This downloadable cartridge is identical to the InnoTab® Disney/Pixar Toy Story cartridge sold in retail stores.
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Release Date:
Minimum Storage Required:
62.98 MB
US English
Language Arts
Compatible with:
Storio® MAX 2.0 (for 8A only), InnoTab®, InnoTab® 2, InnoTab®2 Baby, InnoTab®3 Baby, InnoTab® 2S, InnoTab® 3, InnoTab® 3S, InnoTab® MAX, KidiBuzz™, InnoTab® MAX (5"), KidiBuzz G2, KidiBuzz 3
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