Age 4-7
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The Radiator Springs gang sets off on a world-wide adventure to help Lightning McQueen compete in the World Grand Prix. Read about their adventures in the e-book, or take part in the action as you play one of three fun learning games. You can also make your very own Cars creations! Help Mater work on his Sticker Book, or create an original comic book story. Curriculum: Reading, Measurement, Number Sequence, Logic, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Memory, Directions, Creativity This downloadable cartridge is identical to the InnoTab® Disney/Pixar Cars 2 cartridge sold in retail stores.

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81.63 MB
US English
Compatible with:
Storio® MAX 2.0 (for 8A only), InnoTab®, InnoTab® 2, InnoTab®2 Baby, InnoTab®3 Baby, InnoTab® 2S, InnoTab® 3, InnoTab® 3S, InnoTab® MAX, KidiBuzz™, KidiBuzz G2, KidiBuzz 3
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