Age 3-6
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Disney Princess, where happily ever after happens every day. Read two exciting stories or play three learning games. Then, make your own storybook about Belle’s life in the castle, or create and decorate picture frames featuring different princesses. Curriculum: Reading, Colors, Shapes, Patterns, Counting, Rhythm, Memory, Creativity This downloadable cartridge is identical to the InnoTab® Disney Princess cartridge sold in retail stores.
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Release Date:
Minimum Storage Required:
119.11 MB
US English
Language Arts
Compatible with:
Storio® MAX 2.0 (for 8A only), InnoTab®, InnoTab® 2, InnoTab®2 Baby, InnoTab®3 Baby, InnoTab® 2S, InnoTab® 3, InnoTab® 3S, InnoTab® MAX, KidiBuzz™, KidiBuzz G2, KidiBuzz 3
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