Age 4-7
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Dusty Crophopper has always dreamed of racing in the Wings Around the Globe Rally, but he can’t make it there without your help. Join Dusty as he sharpens his skills in one of eight training exercises designed by his coach, Skipper. With a little practice and a lot of hard work, Dusty will learn how to fly smarter, faster, farther, and higher than ever before!

Curriculum: Reading, Vocabulary, Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Greater Than, Less Than, Problem Solving, Memory, Map Skills, Constellations.

This downloadable cartridge is identical to the InnoTab® Planes cartridge sold in retail stores.
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69.25 MB
US English
Compatible with:
Storio® MAX 2.0 (for 8A only), InnoTab®, InnoTab® 2, InnoTab®2 Baby, InnoTab®3 Baby, InnoTab® 2S, InnoTab® 3, InnoTab® 3S, InnoTab® MAX, KidiBuzz™, KidiBuzz G2, KidiBuzz 3
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