Age 4-7
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This game teaches: Addition & Subtraction

Game Descriptions: The math trees on Planet Z are losing their beautiful colors! The Polygons think it's because the math answers are missing. Go with the Super Team to collect the color bubbles and fill up the color tank, then use the collected colors to make the trees colorful again.

*A Value Pack of Math Planet Games Bundle with 8 math games is also available for download.

Please search Math Planet Games Bundle in the download center for more details.
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34.48 MB
US English
Addition & Subtraction
Compatible with:
Storio® MAX 2.0 (for 8A only), InnoTab®, InnoTab® 2, InnoTab®2 Baby, InnoTab®3 Baby, InnoTab® 2S, InnoTab® 3, InnoTab® 3S, InnoTab® MAX, InnoTV™, InnoTab® MAX (5")
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